We help commuters travel cheaper, safer, faster, together, and more informed using location and journey awareness. We all commute in our personal vehicles, autorickshaws, cabs, buses, trains, airplanes, or bicycles. And, we face numerous frustrating problems. At Ideophone, we build solutions for these problems. See our first app Suruk to get an idea of what we do. There’s more cooking at our end for you.


The Knot

Sundar has 9 years of experience in information extraction and retrieval for web and mobile. He led tiger teams to build key products at Yahoo!, Ziva, and InMobi. At Ziva, he developed two new customer relationships. He has a good understanding of monetization in the mobile ecosystem through his experience at InMobi. He ties the much clichéd loose ends at Ideophone.

Kingsley Jegan Joseph
The Suit

Over his 14 years of experience, Kingsley has played pioneering leadership roles in companies like salesforce.com, Digital Chocolate and Bank of New York Mellon. He has created and launched successful products in diverse domains including financial services, enterprise social media, social and mobile games, and SaaS. At Ideophone, he is responsible for marketing, business development and keeping the team supplied with cupcakes.

Sandeep Bhaskar
The Hacker

Sandeep has over two years experience in web application development, enterprise-wide solutions and also sound server side expertise. He has got good exposure to Android Market during his stint with The Astonishing Tribe (TAT) in Malmo, Sweden.                                                                                                   .                                                                                                .

Anenth Guru 
The Fiddler

Anenth is an expert developer of highly-usable multi-platform mobile apps. He built mobile solutions for emerging markets with tough technological constraints at Nokia Research and is responsible for on-device apps at Ideophone.