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Develop Your Idea Into an Android App in 24 Hours

Over the last 4 years, we’ve developed many Android Apps, which have been downloaded over 200,000 times. In that time, we’ve realized that our best work is done in quick, short bursts, with 80% of features built within the first 24 hours. Many startup founders following the lean startup methodology have told us that this is something that they want – to get to a functional app (minimum viable product) in almost no time, instead of floundering to build a full product over months.

So today we’re announcing our new Android app development service. We will only take on short, well-scoped projects at the idea & sketch stage. We will turn your idea into an app in 24-72 hours (we can mutually agree on project size first). You will get access to full source code and assets once we’re done. Since we have both developers & UX designers in-house, you’ll get something more than a functional replica of your idea. The project size restrictions will also help you focus and scope out a truly minimal product.

We’ve decided to be very transparent & simple with the pricing as well. We’ll charge $250 (Rs. 15,000) per calendar day, and won’t take on projects for longer than 3 days. If we’re unable to finish your product in the time agreed, you get 100% of your money back, simple.

Ready to turn your idea into an Android app, overnight?

Click here to get in touch with us.

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Wanna go Kopa?

Our motto is to help people travel cheaper, safer, together, and better informed. The together piece was missing for a while. Not any more. The latest cookie from our bakery, Kopa, is a ride sharing app for people going to events. Isn’t it fun to have interesting companions to ride together to and from events? Just go get Kopa!

Anenth and Sandeep built the alpha version of Kopa during Yahoo! Open Hack Day. Thanks to Amarinder of Mobility Ninja, we launched the beta for the NASSCOM Product Conclave attendees. Today, we launch an improved version of Kopa for Droidcon and Wiki Conference attendees. We’ll keep adding interesting events to Kopa, so stay tuned.

Also, a hat tip to Indus and Rasmus for the inspiration behind Kopa. :)

Now coming to the obligatory naming story.

So, what’s this word Kopa? It’s Latvian for ‘together’. Is that an ideophone? Not sure. But, there’s a hack to make it one. We make this word acquire the idea of sharing rides. ;) Try saying the following aloud, please.

Wanna kopa with me?
Shall we do a kopa on the way back?
Kopas in rickshaws make rides fun.

By the way, Kopa can be a contrived contraction of co-passengers as well. :)

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